Organisation Bloomberg Style

My most recent “fun” book is Michael Bloomberg’s autobiography entitled Bloomberg by Bloomberg. I just kind of stumbled on to it. Both my roommates work for the company so not only does our household own a copy, but I also wanted to get to know more about my roommates’ work environment. In the book, Bloomberg tells an inspirational story of Bloomberg’s (the company) nascent years, the challenges the company faced and ultimately over-came.

What I liked about this book (and autobiographies in general) is learning about some of Michael’s eccentric, yet insightful philosophies on life, work and success. I liked Michael’s ideas on organization in particular, something I personally struggle with.

With regards to deciding which business tasks (accounting, logistics, sales, etc) to focus on, Michael had this to say:

“In computer terms, doing it whenever needed, on the fly, is working from a “heap,” not a “stack” or a “queue.” Working from stacks and queues is the rigid, bureaucratized method of operating; it makes you take out things in a predescribed order (i.e., last in, first out for a stack; first in, first out for a queue). But if you work from a heap, where input and output are independent, you can use your head, selecting what you need, when you need it, based on outside criteria that are always changing (e.g. what’s needed now, such as responding immediately to a customer complaint or getting a gift for your spouse’s birthday when that day arrives and you’ve totally forgotten). Look at your desk. Is everything in order? Or is it in a big pile like mine? Take your choice.”

What I like best about Michael’s “heap” approach to organization is its focus on responding to external pressures. It is the most merit-based approach for organization. Those tasks that are most important to the business (our your daily work) are done first, regardless of how long other things have been on the to-do list.

Essential to this approach, however, is a constant evaluation of external pressures. In high-level, macro analysis of strategy, this could happen on a quarterly or monthly basis. On a more micro, personal to-do list level, this could happen weekly, even daily. In this regard, it is the most demanding approach to organization.

That’s not to say the “stack” or “queue” approaches to organization are not useful. I can only imagine the customer service rep that decided to switch to the heap method of organization (Don’t bother calling if your problem isn’t life threatening). These two systems certainly have their uses.

As I mentioned above, organization is a real problem for me. Some times I over organize and some time I don’t organize enough. Either way the result is paralysis.
After trying a couple different approaches to organizing my work load, I have come up with the follow action points. Maybe they will be useful to you. Please share any thoughts you might have.

Action Points
On a weekly basis I will create a high-level to-do list that incorporates everything I am responsible for. This will give me a bird’s eye-view of what my week will look like and it will also give me the opportunity to share with my manager(s) to decide priorities.

I will use Outlook’s task function to create smaller tasks for each project I am working on. This will help me to keep track of the finer details of each project and insure they are completed on time.

I will trust my organization approach. This will help me to stop loosing focus on the project at hand for fear I have forgotten something.


I’m not a feminist, but I still have something to say

Jamaican Kincaid wrote a story, Girl, to illustrate the social expectation about how to be a girl – a good one. The story is impressive. The mother told the girl how to be caring, kindly, and supportive to people around her. Girls are expected to be able to wash clothes, cook delicious food, and behave properly to attract men. Those ideas are passed down from generations to generations. We do not know who first started it, but we know we have to listen to and follow those rules.

Not only in ancient era, but also nowadays, media is still trying to enforce this image of women. Commercials on TV and magazines have a big impact on how women should behave, what they are like, and how they should be. Media sets the ideal image of women with slim bodies, beautiful faces, and nice personalities. There is only one standard of what women are. Why do women have to be a same copy that looks exactly like those models from the magazines? One of the reason is that they can fit in the social expectation and become someone that men want to marry.

Media also creates a stereotype that a women’s future is depending on the man she marries. One advertisement I have seen on a popular female magazine says, “A carat or more. When a man’s achievement becomes a woman’s good future.” I can’t help but wonder why women can’t strive for their own future by themselves.

Another shocking advertisement from a magazine disgusts me. It sells perfume, and the slogan is, “Apply generously to your neck, so he can smell the scent as you shake your head ‘no’.” Those advertisements create a climate of violence against women. After reading this advertisement, men probably assume that when women say “no,” it actually means “yes.” Not only advertisements, but also pop songs enhance the passive image. Rihanna recently produced a new song. The lyrics are telling the audience that women like to be treated violently by men. What a shame! Pop culture implies that women want to be forced to have sex. That might be one of the reasons that crime against women, such as murders, kidnaps, and rapes, have increased in our society.

I will teach my daughter in the future that how to be tough and brave. There is nothing to be afraid of to be a woman. So that one day, women can really stand up for their rights and become happy. Well, I want to address again that I’m really not a feminist.

Wrong Decisions

She knew it was wrong. Nothing has been right since this morning. The alarm didn’t go off at ten because it was out of battery and she didn’t even notice. When she woke up, it was around eleven already. She jumped out of her bed and started getting ready. After putting the mascara on, she opened her closet to pick up a dress. Until then, she realized she forgot her laundry in the dryer last night before going out. “Dammit, I’m so late.” She thought. So she just grabbed a dress from the closet. It was a flowery summer style from last year. Whatever, outfit didn’t matter that much now. Half an hour later, she was ready to leave. She was carrying a purse on her left shoulder, a binder in her left arm, and a bottle of water in her left hand. She really needed some water for her hangover. Last night was a disaster, even though she always promised not to drink that much anymore. After locking the door, she dropped the key. Coincidentally it rolled under her feet, as she moved her right foot, the key got kicked underneath the door. “FUCK!” But she was running late. She decided not to pick up the key, “No one will notice the key there. I will try to get it out when I come back.”

As she walked down the street, the doorman was staring at her surprisingly, and said hi. It was Friday morning, and she should be at work at this time now. She, as a journalist, had been working in Times magazine for 2 years now after graduated from Northwestern. But today was special – she had to take a day off. She almost jogged to the metro station. She picked the wrong shoes. This new pair of high heels were killing her feet, but she didn’t have time to go back to change. She kept drinking her water on the way, and thought, “well, at least the weather is nice today.” A black young woman and a baby in a stroller came towards her. The baby had blonde hair and round blue eyes, looking really cute. “Well, it’s not too bad to have a little thing to keep me company. Nope, not a good idea!”

At least the fucking train was on time today. She jumped onto the train. It was as full as usual. “What’s wrong with people? Don’t they need to work or what at this time? Well, they might be tourists. Everyone goes to Central Park.” As she was thinking, she noticed an odd black fat guy from 5 persons away was staring at her. The guy was trying to move towards her. Luckily, the train approached E 63rd St. station. She quickly got out of the train. When she turned back, the guy in the train winked to her with a creepy smile. She shivered and ran out of the train station.

Finally, 635 Madison Avenue, she made it on time. It was almost one o’clock. She signed in at the reception desk, and sat down. She looked around and didn’t find any acquaintances. She knew she should have chosen some other gynecologists, maybe in Brooklyn. Well, she didn’t trust those rustics. Ten minutes later, the nurse came out and called her name. She followed the nurse into a room. “Get changed into the clothes on the bed and lie down. Dr. Bartel will be right with you.” The nurse left.

She got changed, and lay down on the freezing bed. “I shouldn’t do this. I have good income. I can nurture a baby by myself. I will find a nice man who loves me as well as my baby in the future. It’s not fair to kill it. But what if…” The doctor knocked at the door and came in. He smiled to her, and asked, “Are you ready?” She nodded.

Didn’t remember how long later, she got up and changed. She paid for the bill at the check-out desk. As she walked down the street again, she thought, “I might have made a wrong decision today.” and feeling cramping in her stomach.

I was just inspired to write a short story a few days ago. There’s not racism. And I’m not anti-abortion, but I will never be against the human nature of being a mother as a woman. I just feel gloomy about this controversial topic. Enjoy!

Leeds Festival 2010

Summer Music Festivals…

The Frenchies  have the Rock En Seine, We British have the Leeds Fest “Twice as Nice”

Arcade Fire / Blink 182 / Guns N Roses / The Libertines / Paramore / Queens of the Stone Age / Dizzee Rascal / Weezer / Biffy Clyro / The Cribs / Cypress Hill / Lostprophets / The Maccabees / Limp Bizkit / NOFX / Modest Mouse / You Me at Six / Gogol Bordello / The Gaslight Anthem / Billy Talent / Pendulum / Klaxons / Lcdsoundsystem / Enter Shikari / We Are Scientists / Pheonix- Mumfords & Sons and loads more…

August 27th, 28th and 29th Bank Holiday Weekend 2010 !

For more info –


I can’t believe my Gmail saw that one as a spam. Anyway, Rock en Seine festival just released the first 17 bands to be confirmed for its 2010 edition.



And more to come!!

Rock en Seine Festival, August 27th, 28th and 29th, Parc National de St Cloud, Paris, France

3 days passes are already available for €99, one-day tickets release on april 7th

Pierre K. 

How to Make it in America

I was reading Le Monde des Series (the world of series), a fantastic French blog on TV series, when I found a short article on “How to Make it in America”, HBO’s latest show.

Produced by Mark Wahlberg and Rob Weiss (producers of the excellent Entourage), How to Make it in America could be summarized as “how to get money when you’re in your 20’s, living in NYC, having often good ideas but no penny in your pocket?” Ben Epstein and his friend Cam Calderon, local hipsters with (some) ambition, are chasing down THE big thing that will give us stacks of $$$.

Our two buddies are not literally losers, and you quickly start to believe in their crazy plans. They’re way too cool to fail, but they’re way too cool to behave seriously in any professional world. As for now (we’re around episode 6) the show has nothing exceptional but it’s somewhat interesting to see what our lives could be if we were less studious about our studies and future (spending your time in house parties, waking up late with a massive headache, discussing with your “partner” about your plans in a bar every day, fighting with your parents, surprisingly still concerned about what you’re about to be is everything but a serious life, but we would all like it)

And above all, I kinda liked this serie because of its image: New York!  NYC, its crowded streets, the skyline, the succession of steel, brick and billboards, the graffitis, the “there’s so much culture everywhere in this town” feeling, all these things that are loved so much when talking about Big Apple.

How to Make it in America

Filmed in New York by Leverage, Closest to the Hole Prods. and Big Meyer. Executive producers: Stephen Levinson, Rob Weiss, Ian Edelman, Julian Farino, Jada Miranda, Mark Wahlberg. Producers: Jane Raab. réalisateur: Farino. Scenario: Edelman.

Cast: Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg), Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk), Rene (Luis Guzman), Rachel (Lake Bell), Domingo (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi), Edie (Martha Plimpton), Gingy (Shannyn Sossamon), David Kaplan (Eddie Kaye Thomas)

Oh, forgot to say, Kid Cudi’s in the show, and he rules. Plus, the main theme is a masterpiece..

Aloe Blacc – Need a Dollar

MGMT’s new album “Congratulations”

MGMT’s new album “Congratulations” is already available on P2P networks. Needless to say it’s a leak, and the availability remains illegal. To cope the problem (and to show the world MGMT are so cool, right?) they released the full album online, free streaming. Impressions and comments to come soon I guess

Pierre K.