Some nordic culture

Every year we celebrate the midsummer night (Sankthansaften; norwegian) with bonfire and BBQ here in Norway. The background of this celebration differs from country to country, but there is one common thing – it was linked to the solstice that happened twice a year (in June and December.) Bonfires was lit to protect from evil spirits and witches that was believed to meet up with evil powerful creatures when the sun turned southwards. Today some nordic countries like Denmark, Norway and Finland, keep the “tradition” of placing witches on the bonfire, but now made of paper used as a symbol of the old times. 


So after this brief history, lets celebrate with a big bonfire and some good BBQ food where ever we are in the world and enjoy the longest and brightest night of the year! (from 23 to the 27 of june)





The picture is taken at midnight and from the middle of Norway:D




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