Heaven Can(‘t) Wait


He’s gone. Suddently, and the world is now stunned and pays tribute to one of the greatest artist of the twentieth century, not to say the best. Michael Jackson passed away, and let behind him 44 years of a megastar career.

I won’t comment or react on Mr. Jackson’s developments with the courts. This is not the point here, not when such a genious disappeared. For those who still might doubt about Michael Jackson’s incredible talent, let me remind you 5 things

– His career. The Jackson 5 started when he was 6, and we all know what came next for his career.

– 104. He sold 104 millions copies of Thriller. Certified 28 times Platinum album. World record.

– The Moonwalk. And the Gravity Defying Lean.

– “I didn’t want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant was. Thank you Michael!” Fred Astair, shortly before his death.

– The first Afro-American artist to be broadcasted on MTV. It was in the 80’s. Movie clip made by Scorsese. A “global” artist, we all know Black & White

Mr. Jackson, you also gave me Billie Jean. It took me two full months to understand how to recreate the groove you put into it on the drums. And I’m still working. Good bye genious, You rocked our world, yeah.

Pierre K.


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