Freddy McQuinn


Found on his myspace:

“It all started for me as a kid in 1987 when I saw Prince live in Paris during the Sign o the Times tour.”

This guy can’t really be bad. It starts quite good.

“Then I shaved my head and took the ferry boat to London at the tender age of 21. […] We clicked right away and built a studio in the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, East London.”


As we gradually got a hang of making electronic music, we released our first 12” called “Blow your blues away” under the name “Twitch” which was played by Radio Nova in Paris every day for 2 years in a row!

What a nice blessing! Radio Nova is an institution in France for good music. 

Freddy Mcquinn’s mixing pop, electro and soul and the result is awesome. he released is first album Exile on Brick Lane in late april 2009 and has been propelled on top of the charts with his single Sixteen Pints. 

AWDOF certified


Pierre K. 


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