Italy enjoys the most stable government in the Western World. Discuss.

My Prime Minister Berlusconi has recently stated  that Italy enjoys the most stable government amongst all Western countries.

For sure, We enjoy the most entartaining.

Mr Berlusconi first considered entering politics he found himself  and his enormous empire, based on real-estate,  private television, and finance, standing alone in the midst of the political and ethical turmoil which caused the end of the First Republic. All the political parties and politicians to whom Italians were used to suddenly disappeared, knocked down by continuous scandals and juridical processes. The so called “party of judges”, using the rule of law to “subvert” the sick Italian political system, left the country in anarchy. Berlusconi himself lost an important partner: when Bettino Craxi was forced to exile to Tunisia, after being accused of corruption, Mr Berlusconi had no one who protected him in Rome.

The only political party which partially survived this earthquake was the former Communist Party (PCI), which was forced to re-invent its role within the new political and institutional system, especially after the breakdown of Soviet Union. Being excluded from ruling the country for five decades surely had important consequences on its image: it managed not to be involved in the general corrupted and sick magma where all parties were drowning. Conditions were suitable for a long-lasting success.

It was indeed because of the “Communist danger” that Mr Berlusconi decided to enter the arena of Italian politics: if no one could protect his interests, he would do it himself.

Mr Berlusconi was not, and still is not, a politician: he is, first of all, a business-man. And a business-man cares, first of all, about his interests. Nobody took him seriously when he first presented his candidacy for Prime Minister. His political party was anything but a political party: no congress, no elections to proclaim the secretary, no territorial structure, no hierarchy. His party rejected the traditional form of party, and mirrored the organisation of Mr Berlusconi’s FININVEST ( his financial empire): everything evolves around the charismatic leader. The coalition he presented at  legislative elections in 1994 was actually a political wonder. In a country, such as Italy, still divided into two entities, he presented two different coalitions. In the North, he ran with Lega Nord, a populistic league which called for secession from the corrupted and poor South. In the South, he ran with the former Fascist party ( Alleanze Nazionale ), taking advantge of still existing sympathy for Monarchy and Fascism.

Needless to say, he won. His government was, as it often happens in my country, very short. After 9 months, his ally in the North dumped him, thus making him lose the majority within the Parliament. Mr Berlusconi was re-elected again in 2001, and again in 2009.

Here’s a few quick facts about him.

Mr Berlusconi has largely used his political status to pursue his interests. Last, but not least, he has further enhanced his political and juridical status, legally precluding any juridical process against him ( “Lodo Alfano”). From now on, it is impossible to process Mr Berlusconi. These laws ad personam haven’t surprisingly  touched his prestige and reputation in the country: just remember that a very large part of our media is directly controlled by him, or by his relatives.

According to Forbes, Mr Berlusconi is currently  the 2nd richest man in Italy, with a personal fortune of 6,5 bilion US$.

Mr Berlusconi is a highly controversial figure: for many he’s a profet who is leading Italy towards freedom and wealth, while for others he is conspirating against Italian fragile democracy.

Mr Berlusconi is currently involved in a sexual and ethical scandal. Eventually, Italians can understand what is going on, although they have showed a surprisingly high tollerance. Up till now, he was involved in matters which were highly technical to understand- but now, we have caught Mr Berlusconi in the midst of lustful private parties in his Villa Certosa, enjoying the company of young and pretty girls who call him “Daddy”, hoping to receive as a reward a place within the government, or in his televisions. That’s easy to understand, but, up till now, nothing has changed.

Such a politician would not last much in any Western country. But he is still in power in mine.

Maybe he’s right: Italy currently enjoys the most stable government in the Western World, because Italians are still too dumb to realize that he is not suitable to rule over a country. As long as Italians don’t realize this, he will rule over us, thus maintaining his beloved stability.


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