Mister Mystère, new album from -M-

He’s probably the most brilliant artist of the past decade in the French rock scene. Brilliant, surely because he’s way beyond rock. -M-, aka Matthieu Chedid, is releasing on august 30th is 5th studio album, Mister Mystère. If I had to highlight how this artist is hero-worshiped, just listen to this: Tickets for his 2009 and 2010 tour are already available…and already sold out (and it pisses me straight off, you’ll see why)

-M- comes from an artists family. His father, Louis Chedid, is also well known as a singer, while his grandmother was a poetess and a writer.  During all his (young) career, Matthieu Chedid built a whole universe full of sound experimentations and images. Rock, pop, hip hop, soul, disco, funk, he mixes everything in a groundbreaking guitar technique. But, as you might have noticed on his photo, he pushed this unreal universe far enough to create a new character. There’s Matthieu, the studio musician, and -M-, the crazy stage artist, always with the same haircut.

-M- on stage is a pure experience. Followed by extremely good musicians (Bumcello band at its top, Vincent Segal at cello and Cyril Atef on the drums) he distills a funky rock music, with magnificent lyrics and a crazy show on stage. Paying 40 euros to see him at the Olympia is definitely worth it, I promise.

By the end of august, he’ll release his new album, Mister Mystère. I can’t wait to see what he did. -M- definitely represents the future of French rock music. No offense to the founders, From Alain Bashung to Noir Désir, but it’s now time to open minds and sounds to other kind of music, and for this, Matthieu Chedid is a master.

M – Machistador. No translation possible for this one, just the story of another high roller..

M – La Fleur. He loved a flower, she taught him how to love, how to suffer..


And to make sure you’ll understand why -M- live is so cool (look at the way the stage looks like, appreciate the way he moves on it)

Pierre K.


One response to “Mister Mystère, new album from -M-

  1. I had the good fortune to attend two of -M-‘s tune-up shows in Québec Canada earlier this month (July 9th & 10th, 2009); he played three songs from the new album (the cd’s first single – “Le roi des Ombres” – and two others), and I have no doubt “Mister Mystére” will be well received.

    Yes, Matthieu Chedid is the future of French rock; I also believe he’s the future of rock music on a global scale. He has quite a few American fans (in addition to me), and I’m certain he could easily draw a sizable crowd if he chose to add a few concerts in the US.

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