The Secrets of Sin City

Las Vegas, Nevada, is known as Sin City. Hong Kong S.A.R., China, is becoming another Sin City, and probably going to replace Las Vegas soon.

I lived 19 years of my life in Shenzhen, mainland China. It is a very young city with only 20 years of history. This city is only one river away from Hong Kong, but from what I see, it is very different from where I’m living now – Hong Kong.

When I was still in Shenzhen, I did not know much about what is going on in the world, not even China at some points. But I have been informed much since I got to HK. You might say I’m really ignorant when you get to know that I knew nothing about June 4th crackdown before I came to HK. My parents know everything but they just did not want to mention it until I asked. So nowadays, every time when I went back to visit them, I just couldn’t stop discussing about it with my dad. HK is a “sin city” to China government because people are out of control here.

What’s more, I think in mainland, people don’t have a sense of fashion. Well, I think Shanghai and Shenzhen are much better already. When I went to study in Beijing last summer, I was staying in one of the most famous universities of China. I don’t know how to describe the way people there dress up. But for those who have been to mainland, use your imagination. 😉 But somehow, you can still find stylish people in mainland, not as much as in HK though. I do not mean I approve the style of HK-neses’, but here, if you have your own sense of fashion, it’s way much easier to find what you want. I like shopping in those lanes and boutiques, some shop-owners import special items, and they are always cheaper than you expect. Well, I still spend a lot in the past two years even though I sometimes shopped cheap! HK is a “sin city” to my pocket! 😛 Thank god I’m earning my own life now.

Now, look, people, the parties in HK sin the most. HK is known as a fast-speed commercial city. There are so many businesses going on. People from different parts of the world come to HK to make money. They come and go in such a short time. So night life is so important to them. I wonder since when HK became a city famous for its night life, even Vivienne Westwood designed a stamp necklace for HK recently – it reads “24 hours”. CLUBBING, DRINKING, SMOKING. HK’s favourite vices. In general (here, I say ‘in general’), HK girls want to marry white guys, white guys are never serious about who they met, but only want to have ‘fun’. Well, sometimes they will find true love here, maybe less than 5%. However, underneath the glitz and glamour of this “sex-and-the-city”, I have a story to warn those who want to come to HK for ‘fun’ –

A HK girl used to have a boyfriend who has HPV. After she broke up with him, her best friend booked the reservation in the hospital and took a dayoff for her to take the test. But on that day, she called her friend saying, “I think I’m not going. I’m fine for sure. And I slept with a guy last night anyway.” Two weeks later, this girl called her friend again. This time she told the friend that she slept with a guy who has STD without condom. After that, she has slept with around 30 different guys (mostly are one-night-stand) in one year, and sometimes without condoms. She has never taken the test, injected the HPV Vaccine or taken the birth-controlling pills.

Everybody, HK is really small. After two years living and partying in HK, I came out with such an analysis – if you add someone you just get to know in LKF (clubbing district in HK) the night before on facebook, you would find s/he has at least one mutual friend; you might find out one of your friend’s friends has slept with a guy who is your ex-boyfriend. So, now you can imagine how many guys have been influenced by the girl in the story, and how many girls have been influenced by those guys. HK is such a sin city that it spreads HPV/STD.

I have had two romances, made around 300 new friends, met three crooks, smoked 206 packs of cigarettes in the past two year since I got to HK. What? Alcohol? Uncountable. I blame myself for kissing around when I was drunk. However, luckily, I don’t sleep around.

Eight days later, I’ll be taking off for the USA. I have heard a lot about this country, eventually, I get the chance to see it with my own eyes. I love and hate this sin city. I hate those stupid drunken things I’ve done. Whereas, I’m moving forward to the so-called most powerful country to change my life. Maybe I can compare Las Vegas with HK and get to know which one is more sin.

Got a little bit hurt by a crook recently. So the view is a little bit negative.

I can’t wait til I leave so that I can remove you from my life.


2 responses to “The Secrets of Sin City

  1. Enjoy the most powerful country in the world! Muhaha. Great post. I’ll be interested to see what you have to say about the US.

  2. i miss hong kong so so so much!

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