Dear all,

24 hours ago, And We Did Our Frontiers reached 1000 viewers since its first late June article. What started as a simple and humble idea has now become a team of imaginative and motivated authors everywhere in the world. But above all, this blog is followed and appreciated by you.

So yeah, a million thanks to you, you know how it works, without you, nothing is possible.

AWDOF team decided to offer a small present to the blog, with a global contribution, readers and authors. Yes, AWDOF wants you, in a photo contest.

Simple concept. Wherever you are in the world, just grab your camera, and take a photo of your street.

Yes, your street.

Even though it seems to be extremely common and not so artistic, your street is somewhat the first frontier in your life. You leave it, and the world becomes yours. You’re heading back there, and you feel this “home sweet home” sensation.

Photos can be submitted at AWDOF’s email (here). Pictures sent before August 15th only will be considered, approved and published. Join the name of your town with it, and a small description or a couple of words, whatever you have in mind.


The AWDOF team


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