Rasterbator and Other Apartment Decorations

Tired of looking at that boring, white wall, but can’t figure out what to put on it, let alone how to afford it?… Rastorbate it!

Okay, so it is not that exciting, but it is still pretty cool. The program at http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ called The Rasterbator allows users to take any picture they like and blow it up as large as they need to. You can imagine how useful this comes in for young adults and University students. Both are prone to moving frequently and often into and out of dorms or apartment buildings where rooms can unfortunately resemble prison cells. The Rasterbator allows these poor, underprivileged souls to liven up their living space with photos, paintings or designs of their choice. Not bad eh?

Have a look at some of the many user generated rasterbated images

This is the one I put up in my 220 sq ft dungeon

Starry Night

Another great idea is to add some Christmas lights to your ceiling. It does a great job of taking the place of the harsh lighting that is common in small apartments where coffee tables for lamps are hard to come by. I grabbed the colorful ones. A better purchase might be the white lights with a dim setting.

Christmas Lights

Never leave home without your James Bond poster (courtesy of Lingli)

James Bond


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