Radiohead Tribute Song To Harry Patch

h_4_ill_1222936_2783_patchAP/LEFTERIS PITARAKIS

UK band Radiohead has just released a song in memory of Harry Patch. It’s called Harry Patch (in memory of)

Back in 1917. Harry Patch is 19 years old, he’s in Belgium. Not for some good mussels or a large pint. It’s World War 1, Harry and his machine gun are living one of the worst battlefield this war had. This day, the United Kingdom lost 70,000 soldiers. But Harry survived.

He died on july 25th, 2009. He was 111 years old.

He kept saying, for years and years, that war was no more than an organized crime. After what he saw, he might have been right.

There are three witnesses left. Three old men that lived the horror of this conflict when they were kids.

Radiohead – Harry Patch (In Memory Of)


i am the only one that got through
the others died where ever they fell
it was an ambush
they came up from all sides
give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
i’ve seen devils coming up from the ground
i’ve seen hell upon this earth
the next will be chemical but they will never lear


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