Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? There’s free food, a giant cake, dancing, booze—all the makings of a great night. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can also hope to gleam some high level wisdom off the old folks in attendance.

The gravity of the situation, that two people are crazy enough to spend the rest of their lives together, usually puts everyone, at some point, in a reflect mood. The older generations, enthused with memories of old times will often spill their guts on unsuspecting youths about lessons learned and wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences.

One of the most interesting pieces of wisdom I have come across during a wedding was at my friend Ryan Coleman’s Wedding Reception. Mr. Coleman, who was obviously affected by the fact that his son had just gotten married, was having a chat with me about the gravity of the decisions different generations make. Where older generation are making decisions all the time—to buy two jet skis instead of one, to hire two employees instead of one—younger generations are making limited amounts of decisions, but paramount in their importance—who will I marry, what will I do for a living, to go to University or not.

As a non-committal, over-analyzer, I don’t need to be told twice how important this decade of decisions in my life is going to be. Girlfriends get the red pen from date 1, the idea of starting a career seems much better when none is secured, and material possessions represent balls and chains (I know, what a catch!).

I’m honestly thinking of starting a television show that follows young high school and university graduates as they search for their respective careers, loves and callings. Not only would it be educational for youths following in their footsteps, but also would be incredibly dramatic television. Dreams would be crushed, stars made, white picket fences erected and adventures born. Its Emmy bound for sure.


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