Dan Black’s debut album “Un”

I have to admit I often cross the Channel to find out some new artists.

Let’s say they’re quite good on this island.

I confess The Servants has never been (and is still not) on my iPod. Originality was quite absent in their albums, and I was definitely not fan of their “young and hispter but made by the industry” style.

Maybe it was better for them to split. That’s exactly what they did in 2007, after 10 years of good services. From the ashes, their former leader (since he was singer, guitar and producer) Dan Black announced he will release a solo album.

There it is, Dan Black’s debut album “Un” is available since July.

Before any further analysis, a small warning: Black’s voice can be heard as particularily unbearable and ugly. It took me ages to appreciate his nasal “I ❤ Swine Flu” voice, probably because he was singing on some low-quality pop-rock before. But his solo album is much eager to be liked, there’s no doubt about it.

So, what we got here?  A fluo pop dance music, electronic light beats and a real party party potential. If you want some namedropping, you would base your cocktail on some Calvin Harris, add a sip of DatA and this delicious “England rules” style ou could find with artists like Just Jack. Dan Black’s album sounds definitely for clubs, the dude is probably waiting in his studio to hear some remixes, made by glorious DJs if possible (it’s always better for the wallet…ahem sorry, the artistic production)

Yes, beware, “Un” cannot be seen as a jewel nor a pure innovation. It’s just another dance pop album, it does the job pretty well, it will probably heavily rotate on music radios and clubs, and that’s pretty much all we can expect from Dan Black. In the same time, he never pretended to be a pure genious, I’ve seen a couple of interviews, the kid just keeps saying “I do what I like, that’s all”

And above all, it wakes you up quite fast. Late at work this morning, I ran after the &#?# bus, almost singing “don’t wanna be yours no more”

Dan Black – U + Me =

Dan Black – Yours


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