Life’s little luxuries

Plenty to go round

Plenty to go round

The Headliner “Country running out of loo roll” are you serious? and theirs me thinking I need a new phone, which one should I buy! While there’s countries across the world running out of loo roll? Who wants it but cant buy it!

“Cuba is facing a particularly delicate economic crisis: its citizens are desperately short of toilet paper.
The country has been badly hit by the world recession, and the price of 24 essential goods has been slashed to prevent the population slipping further into poverty.

However one item the government seems unable to control is the availability of loo rolls. Officials deny there is a shortage, but new supplies are not scheduled for delivery until the end of the year.”

What can we do to help? I know there’s more bigger issues happening in the world like war on terror, although I’m sure they there battling and terrorizing with basic commodities. What cant you live with out?


One response to “Life’s little luxuries

  1. I certainly cannot live without Charmin Quilted Ultra Soft loo rolls. Anything but that!

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