Cultural Differencecs

My (our) friend from France, Alexandra, sent me this amazing piece of comedy last night. Being a global business major and all.. this stuff is important to me ;). What do you think, true?

Cultural differences are obvious in this picture…..
(Les différences culturelles sont très apparentes sur cette photo..)

The American is all business, looks ahead, nothing distracts him…
(L’américain est très professionnel, regarde ailleurs, rien ne le perturbe…)

The Canadian, a bit “out there”, worried about his appearance…
(Le canadien est un peu ailleurs, soucieux de son apparence…)

Now…….the French and the Italian………………………………?!
(Quant au français et à l’italien…)



2 responses to “Cultural Differencecs

  1. where is the pic??

  2. Alex, I don’t know what happened the first time. I linked the image and even double checked to make sure it was there. Not sure why the image didn’t show up the first time.

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