Let’s Be Problem Solvers

I sometimes get mad when I receive emails complaining about this or that. Someone isn’t happy about Healthcare reform or someone isn’t happy about outsourcing work to other countries. It is always the same name calling, bickering and complaining.

Do people simply like complaining? Does it help them deal with the ambiguity of an uncertain future? I have always heard that in a for profit company (arguably the most efficient and productive human organization) constantly pointing out the problems without offering solutions is a sure way to get yourself canned. Your CEOs and Managers don’t care if you’ve identified a problem, they care if you’ve identified a problem and then SOLVED it. After all, problems without solutions just cause more problems, E.g. time delays, or complete inactivity. (there are always exceptions, some problems should be pointed out even when there is no solution yet)

There are thousands of voices all telling us how much is going wrong, but so few that are telling us how to solve those problems. When did society turn into a bunch of complainers? Has it always been like this? And most importantly, what can we do to reverse the tides of ignorance?

As I have said before, we must first become educated and then we must become the change in which we hope to see in the world.

There are a number of places that great ideas are being spread every day. TED.com offers a number of “ideas worth sharing” on a daily basis. Sharing them is easy. The site offers a number of ways to email or link the videos to friends. This is a video of Bill Gates talking about the work his foundation has been doing on malaria and education. It’s really good.


I received this video from csrwire.com. By subsribing to the RSS feed using igoogle (you can do this with a number of programs including facebook and outlook) I don’t even have to waste time visiting their website. I simply receive a link to their latest news articles on my google homepage. The video is about how architects at Virgina Tech have created a home that has a very small carbon footprint. The technology is really cool and has the potential to reduce energy consumption considerably. It is a great watch.

Know some other great websites? Please share!

Could you imagine if all of the people arguing about healthcare in the US, on the left and on the right, were actively seeking constructive solutions for the problem? What a different world we would be living in. What a BETTER world we would be living in.

I had planned on solving a problem of my own, but I will save that for my next post šŸ™‚


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