There have been line-ups for numerous places and events in Vancouver over the last little while. With the Olympics in town there have been line-ups for everything from the skytrain, to the art gallery, to houses (more like bars) that various countries have set up, and to get into free concerts over the last few weeks for example. This will tie into Japadog in a bit.

Anyways, a japadog is pretty self explanatory. It’s a japanese hot dog. And it is pretty much the best thing ever! So basically it’s your regular hot dog topped with wasabi mayo, terimayo, teriyaki sauce, edamame, or seaweed, for example. Who would have thought a hot dog, with teriyaki sauce, mayo, grilled onion, and seawood could be so amazing?! Check out their menu below…and me with my japadog last week 🙂

This is a popular hot dog stand in downtown Vancouver (they recently opened another hot dog stand down the street and they’re opening their own little shop soon!) and usually there is a line or a 15 minute wait, but with the Olympics in town, the line has been insane! I was there on Tuesday morning and I’m pretty sure there were like 30 people in line behind me by the time I got to the front of the line (which also took me quite awhile to get to the front of). But anyways. Japanese hot dogs. Try it when you come to Vancouver! Or make your own?!


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