Cold Ears? Try this then

It’s freezing cold in Europe, and global warming might be involved in one of the crappiest winter I’ve ever seen (well yeah, it is global warming, think of it twice before wearing your massive winter coat..) Not to say that winter sucks, but come one, – 12 in Paris can’t be true.

At this point of my message, I do apologize to my fellow writers for who – 12 celsius is a sweet joke.

Anyway, here’s some good stuff for your frozen ears, and a reason to wear some random hippster t-shirt under your Bigfoot gear.

Oh damn, he comes from Russia! It’s Proxy, it’s crazy

03 8000

Gorillaz is back! New album Plastic Beach already available, with tons of crazy featurings and geniously made forthcoming hits. Here’s “Some Kind of Nature” With his Excellency Mr Lou Reed

09 Some Kind of Nature (feat. Lou Reed)

OK Go’s new album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky”. Its name reflects the stuff: it is OK Go. No big revolution coming up, just some good shoegaze whatev hippster rock. BUT this song’s video’s definitely awesum

02 This Too Shall Pass

4 days left before Bonobo’s new album (CAN’T WAIT). The British genius from Ninja Tune already offered us some teasers with this beautiful track “The Keeper”

03 The Keeper

Pierre K.


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