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Organisation Bloomberg Style

My most recent “fun” book is Michael Bloomberg’s autobiography entitled Bloomberg by Bloomberg. I just kind of stumbled on to it. Both my roommates work for the company so not only does our household own a copy, but I also wanted to get to know more about my roommates’ work environment. In the book, Bloomberg tells an inspirational story of Bloomberg’s (the company) nascent years, the challenges the company faced and ultimately over-came.

What I liked about this book (and autobiographies in general) is learning about some of Michael’s eccentric, yet insightful philosophies on life, work and success. I liked Michael’s ideas on organization in particular, something I personally struggle with.

With regards to deciding which business tasks (accounting, logistics, sales, etc) to focus on, Michael had this to say:

“In computer terms, doing it whenever needed, on the fly, is working from a “heap,” not a “stack” or a “queue.” Working from stacks and queues is the rigid, bureaucratized method of operating; it makes you take out things in a predescribed order (i.e., last in, first out for a stack; first in, first out for a queue). But if you work from a heap, where input and output are independent, you can use your head, selecting what you need, when you need it, based on outside criteria that are always changing (e.g. what’s needed now, such as responding immediately to a customer complaint or getting a gift for your spouse’s birthday when that day arrives and you’ve totally forgotten). Look at your desk. Is everything in order? Or is it in a big pile like mine? Take your choice.”

What I like best about Michael’s “heap” approach to organization is its focus on responding to external pressures. It is the most merit-based approach for organization. Those tasks that are most important to the business (our your daily work) are done first, regardless of how long other things have been on the to-do list.

Essential to this approach, however, is a constant evaluation of external pressures. In high-level, macro analysis of strategy, this could happen on a quarterly or monthly basis. On a more micro, personal to-do list level, this could happen weekly, even daily. In this regard, it is the most demanding approach to organization.

That’s not to say the “stack” or “queue” approaches to organization are not useful. I can only imagine the customer service rep that decided to switch to the heap method of organization (Don’t bother calling if your problem isn’t life threatening). These two systems certainly have their uses.

As I mentioned above, organization is a real problem for me. Some times I over organize and some time I don’t organize enough. Either way the result is paralysis.
After trying a couple different approaches to organizing my work load, I have come up with the follow action points. Maybe they will be useful to you. Please share any thoughts you might have.

Action Points
On a weekly basis I will create a high-level to-do list that incorporates everything I am responsible for. This will give me a bird’s eye-view of what my week will look like and it will also give me the opportunity to share with my manager(s) to decide priorities.

I will use Outlook’s task function to create smaller tasks for each project I am working on. This will help me to keep track of the finer details of each project and insure they are completed on time.

I will trust my organization approach. This will help me to stop loosing focus on the project at hand for fear I have forgotten something.


I’m not a feminist, but I still have something to say

Jamaican Kincaid wrote a story, Girl, to illustrate the social expectation about how to be a girl – a good one. The story is impressive. The mother told the girl how to be caring, kindly, and supportive to people around her. Girls are expected to be able to wash clothes, cook delicious food, and behave properly to attract men. Those ideas are passed down from generations to generations. We do not know who first started it, but we know we have to listen to and follow those rules.

Not only in ancient era, but also nowadays, media is still trying to enforce this image of women. Commercials on TV and magazines have a big impact on how women should behave, what they are like, and how they should be. Media sets the ideal image of women with slim bodies, beautiful faces, and nice personalities. There is only one standard of what women are. Why do women have to be a same copy that looks exactly like those models from the magazines? One of the reason is that they can fit in the social expectation and become someone that men want to marry.

Media also creates a stereotype that a women’s future is depending on the man she marries. One advertisement I have seen on a popular female magazine says, “A carat or more. When a man’s achievement becomes a woman’s good future.” I can’t help but wonder why women can’t strive for their own future by themselves.

Another shocking advertisement from a magazine disgusts me. It sells perfume, and the slogan is, “Apply generously to your neck, so he can smell the scent as you shake your head ‘no’.” Those advertisements create a climate of violence against women. After reading this advertisement, men probably assume that when women say “no,” it actually means “yes.” Not only advertisements, but also pop songs enhance the passive image. Rihanna recently produced a new song. The lyrics are telling the audience that women like to be treated violently by men. What a shame! Pop culture implies that women want to be forced to have sex. That might be one of the reasons that crime against women, such as murders, kidnaps, and rapes, have increased in our society.

I will teach my daughter in the future that how to be tough and brave. There is nothing to be afraid of to be a woman. So that one day, women can really stand up for their rights and become happy. Well, I want to address again that I’m really not a feminist.

Leeds Festival 2010

Summer Music Festivals…

The Frenchies  have the Rock En Seine, We British have the Leeds Fest “Twice as Nice”

Arcade Fire / Blink 182 / Guns N Roses / The Libertines / Paramore / Queens of the Stone Age / Dizzee Rascal / Weezer / Biffy Clyro / The Cribs / Cypress Hill / Lostprophets / The Maccabees / Limp Bizkit / NOFX / Modest Mouse / You Me at Six / Gogol Bordello / The Gaslight Anthem / Billy Talent / Pendulum / Klaxons / Lcdsoundsystem / Enter Shikari / We Are Scientists / Pheonix- Mumfords & Sons and loads more…

August 27th, 28th and 29th Bank Holiday Weekend 2010 !

For more info –

Knitting, the lost art

Knitting has been popular since the day it was invented. It has been a useful way to make whatever you need to keep you warm! In Norway, in the region called Trøndelag, which also is _the_ place where you can find the most outstanding norwegian people, it has been used a special pattern from generation to generation. Its called the Selbu pattern and is quite popular among norwegians, europeans and americans. The rose that is used in most of the pattern is what they are so famous for. 

Take a look at some of the knitwear

So, what do you think?

Maybe its time to visit grandma and take some knitting lessons:D


Random place, random people, one dancing group: BouncE!

Yeaaaah! Swedish are good for something; Flashmob!

The swedish dancing group Bounce, have been doing several flashmobs the last month, especially after Michael Jackson death. The newest flashmob is from Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm.  

Check it out:D



Life’s little luxuries

Plenty to go round

Plenty to go round

The Headliner “Country running out of loo roll” are you serious? and theirs me thinking I need a new phone, which one should I buy! While there’s countries across the world running out of loo roll? Who wants it but cant buy it!

“Cuba is facing a particularly delicate economic crisis: its citizens are desperately short of toilet paper.
The country has been badly hit by the world recession, and the price of 24 essential goods has been slashed to prevent the population slipping further into poverty.

However one item the government seems unable to control is the availability of loo rolls. Officials deny there is a shortage, but new supplies are not scheduled for delivery until the end of the year.”

What can we do to help? I know there’s more bigger issues happening in the world like war on terror, although I’m sure they there battling and terrorizing with basic commodities. What cant you live with out?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? There’s free food, a giant cake, dancing, booze—all the makings of a great night. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can also hope to gleam some high level wisdom off the old folks in attendance.

The gravity of the situation, that two people are crazy enough to spend the rest of their lives together, usually puts everyone, at some point, in a reflect mood. The older generations, enthused with memories of old times will often spill their guts on unsuspecting youths about lessons learned and wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences.

One of the most interesting pieces of wisdom I have come across during a wedding was at my friend Ryan Coleman’s Wedding Reception. Mr. Coleman, who was obviously affected by the fact that his son had just gotten married, was having a chat with me about the gravity of the decisions different generations make. Where older generation are making decisions all the time—to buy two jet skis instead of one, to hire two employees instead of one—younger generations are making limited amounts of decisions, but paramount in their importance—who will I marry, what will I do for a living, to go to University or not.

As a non-committal, over-analyzer, I don’t need to be told twice how important this decade of decisions in my life is going to be. Girlfriends get the red pen from date 1, the idea of starting a career seems much better when none is secured, and material possessions represent balls and chains (I know, what a catch!).

I’m honestly thinking of starting a television show that follows young high school and university graduates as they search for their respective careers, loves and callings. Not only would it be educational for youths following in their footsteps, but also would be incredibly dramatic television. Dreams would be crushed, stars made, white picket fences erected and adventures born. Its Emmy bound for sure.