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How to Make it in America

I was reading Le Monde des Series (the world of series), a fantastic French blog on TV series, when I found a short article on “How to Make it in America”, HBO’s latest show.

Produced by Mark Wahlberg and Rob Weiss (producers of the excellent Entourage), How to Make it in America could be summarized as “how to get money when you’re in your 20’s, living in NYC, having often good ideas but no penny in your pocket?” Ben Epstein and his friend Cam Calderon, local hipsters with (some) ambition, are chasing down THE big thing that will give us stacks of $$$.

Our two buddies are not literally losers, and you quickly start to believe in their crazy plans. They’re way too cool to fail, but they’re way too cool to behave seriously in any professional world. As for now (we’re around episode 6) the show has nothing exceptional but it’s somewhat interesting to see what our lives could be if we were less studious about our studies and future (spending your time in house parties, waking up late with a massive headache, discussing with your “partner” about your plans in a bar every day, fighting with your parents, surprisingly still concerned about what you’re about to be is everything but a serious life, but we would all like it)

And above all, I kinda liked this serie because of its image: New York!  NYC, its crowded streets, the skyline, the succession of steel, brick and billboards, the graffitis, the “there’s so much culture everywhere in this town” feeling, all these things that are loved so much when talking about Big Apple.

How to Make it in America

Filmed in New York by Leverage, Closest to the Hole Prods. and Big Meyer. Executive producers: Stephen Levinson, Rob Weiss, Ian Edelman, Julian Farino, Jada Miranda, Mark Wahlberg. Producers: Jane Raab. réalisateur: Farino. Scenario: Edelman.

Cast: Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg), Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk), Rene (Luis Guzman), Rachel (Lake Bell), Domingo (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi), Edie (Martha Plimpton), Gingy (Shannyn Sossamon), David Kaplan (Eddie Kaye Thomas)

Oh, forgot to say, Kid Cudi’s in the show, and he rules. Plus, the main theme is a masterpiece..

Aloe Blacc – Need a Dollar